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About Sugarbowl National Ski Patrol


Our Organization

As members of the National Ski Patrol (NSP), we serve the Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, located at Soda Springs, California, about 30 miles North West of Lake Tahoe.  Since its creation in 1938, in the early days of recreational skiing in the United States, the NSP has followed its creed of “Service and Safety.”  Today, the organization comprises more than 26,000 members serving over 600 patrols.

What sets the Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol (SBSP) apart from other patrols?  We have a challenging mountain, with over 50% of our terrain rated advanced or expert.  We are a “Class A” avalanche area with an average annual snowfall average exceeding 450 inches.  Whether setting-up the hill before opening to the public, attending to an injured guest, or simply engaging customers in conversation on our beautiful mountain, we strive to provide the best possible experience to every visitor to our resort.  This quest for excellence was rewarded after the 2001-2002 season when the NSP recognized us as the “National Patrol of the Year.”  Our patrol was recognized for quality in 2010 with two National awards, five Far West Division Awards, and seven Regional Mother Lode awards including Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol as best large patrol of the Mother Lode Region!

The SBSP has nearly 100 members, both paid and volunteer. For many of us, being a ski patroller has been a lifelong dream come true.  Are you up to new challenges?  Do you love to ski/snowboard?  Does the idea of helping others while engaging in the greatest sport in the world appeal to you?  Then consider joining us.  As a paid or volunteer patroller, you can expect to push your snow riding skills beyond their current limits, learn advanced first aid, make a lot of new friends, and help the skiing/boarding public in the process.  We are rewarded by a sense of purpose, satisfaction in a job well done, recognition from resort management, appreciation from our customers, and camaraderie with our fellow patrollers.

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