Gear List

Environmental Protection Clothing & Equipment List

· CMC Rescue, Inc. – Supporting the Rescue COmmunity with equipment and training for more than 20 years
· Dog-Powered Sports – Dog-Powered Sports are new and exciting ways to exercise, train, and spend time with your dog. When these sports – Hiking, Biking, Skiing, Rollerblading, Sledding and Carting – become dog-powered, they take on new dimensions and challenges.
· Snowshack – Ski and snowsports accessories – clothing, bags and more
· Wilderness Medical Systems – offers emergency wilderness medical kits. These specialty wilderness survival kits are designed for mountaineers, wilderness trekkers, hunters, fishermen, and all who seek adventure in the untamed reaches of our planet.
· Yates Climbing & Rescue Equipment – Yates offers equipment for Big Wall, Ice and Rock Clmbing as well as equipment for the Rescue professional.

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