Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in joining our Patrol.

Affiliate Membership includes NSP patrollers who have primary registration with another patrol, and secondary registration with the Patrol.

Affiliate Membership is usually granted, not to exceed two consecutive seasons, under the following circumstances:

  1. Patrollers who desire to transfer primary membership to this Patrol, and who . have demonstrated their ability to meet the Patrol’s proficiency requirements.
  2. Patrollers who have relocated to this area, and/or are unable to meet minimum activity requirements at their home area.
  3. Such other special circumstances as the Board deems appropriate.

Basic and Senior Patrollers who are currently registered with another NSP patrol must first patrol at least four weekend days at the Resort as visitors, at which time they shall be evaluated for overall competence and attitude, including satisfactory completion of a ski/snowboard proficiency screening and toboggan check (at the level of Candidate testing). At least one of these days must be on a Board weekend. The patroller may then apply for affiliate membership.

Upon receiving the application, the Board shall evaluate the applicant’s suitability as a prospective member as follows:

  1. directly observe the applicant as a visiting patroller.
  2. interview the applicant at a regular Board meeting.
  3. solicit a performance evaluation from the applicant’s home patrol director.
  4. review performance evaluations from regular members who have patrolled with the applicant.

While being evaluated, the applicant may continue to visit and receive visitor benefits.

To obtain Patrol membership, the applicant must patrol an additional ten days over no more than two consecutive seasons, beyond the four days on which he or she patrolled as a visitor before his/her acceptance as a prospective affiliate member.

Over this evaluation period, the applicant must demonstrate competence in all patrol disciplines and the attitude expected of regular active members. At the discretion of the Affiliate Coordinator, formal testing in any patrol discipline may be required as a condition of the applicant’s consideration for regular active membership in the Patrol.

After at least 14 combined patrolling days as a visitor/affiliate, the applicant may then apply for regular membership. Approval for affiliate membership requires a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the Board. If accepted, affiliates shall pay the Patrol portion of registration dues. The Patrol shall submit secondary registration documents to the NSP.

Affiliate members shall be entitled to:

  • use of changing and equipment storage facilities on the days they patrol.
  • such other benefits as may be provided by the Corporation.

Any Affiliate member of the Patrol whose actions are contrary to any of the provisions of NSP policy, these Bylaws, the vested authority of the Patrol leadership, or any of the policies, rules, and regulations of the Corporation, is subject to Patrol discipline.

To get more information on how to transfer to Sugar Bowl National Ski Patrol from another resort, please contact Andrew Band at

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