Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol video featuring Tim during his candidate year and Andy the patroller:

Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol 2012/2013 season slideshow with Pink Floyd (another George Hardin production):


Another George Hardin Epic video of the 2011 season spring ski patrol picnic:

Spring skiing before the mountain tear down on closing weekend…

George Hardin’s Video of Epic storm patrolling at Sugar Bowl in March 2011

Sugarbowl Patrol – Corduroy cruisers…

Enjoying groomers in the morning light. Ski Patrol eyes open.

Sugarbowl Patrol – Powder Patrolling on 30 January 2011 – Pete Lin, Chuck Kull, David Galson

The powder gods favored us, and 6-8 ” of fresh snow blankets Sugarbowl and Donner Summit. Once the mountain is set up, patrollers venture out to check on the goods.

Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol – video of some Toboggan practice on Fuller’s Folly and the 1st Sister.

Pros work on High Angle rescue…

Practice with toboggan belay down the West Pal run at Sugarbowl. Used a special device that allows a knot in the rope to pass through the friction break for especially long descents.

Producer George Hardin creates a huge box office hit – Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol 2008-2009

A beautiful and fun slideshow compliments of George Hardin – Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol 2005-2007

Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol – A George Hardin production from our 2004-2005 season:

And … from the George Hardin archives … Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol 1997-2004

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  1. vicki day says:

    Wow! What fun it was to watch the slideshows and remember so many people who no longer patrol with us! Nice job, George! I really enjoyed them!

  2. Russell Hartwig says:

    What a nice website! Great video. I already saw and liked your toboggan video on YouTube.

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