Vicky Day ready for rescue


Hargreaves' new patroller


2009 Refresher



Jim K climbing Crow's Peak


Morning Duties, setting up Lincoln Pop-fence

Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol Waiting for maintenance clearance, Scott, Ed, Matt, Ri

Sugar in the Judah Bump

What's in your lunch box? Vicki brings chocolate.....again.

Avalanche Dog Daisy - Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol

sugar bowl ski patrol warms up

Patrollers thawing out in Disney Snack House during epic storm of 0311



2 Responses to Patrollers

  1. vicki day says:

    fun pics! Fun memories… we need to keep ’em coming!

  2. Aaron Westlake says:

    Oh how I wish I had photos of my dad and his gang when he was a patroller up there in the 80’s. Larry Westlake, Kevin Lely, etc. I remember playing Pacman and other video games when they were drinking in the bar which is now the Sport Shop on the Disney side.

    Great website. Maybe someday I’ll join you. My wife has something to say about that now! LOL.

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