Board of Directors Elections Information

National Ski Patrol @ Sugar Bowl – Election Information


Elections for Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol Board of Directors take place in the spring.  Elections are conducted on-line and results are reported /announced at the spring picnic. We want to encourage all eligible patrrollers to consider running for the Board.  As a Board member you help make a difference for our Patrol and are involved in the management group that keeps our team functioning at such a high level.  There are a total of 10 positions on the Board and a different collection of those seats are voted on each year.  Below is a brief description of what each member does in their position.

Patrol Representative runs for a one year term and sits on the Board for a season after that as an emeritus or advisor to the newly elected Representative.  As Representative you will be responsible, with Board approval, for formulating an annual budget for the patrol. This person is your representative at MLR and FWD meetings and events and is responsible for online registration of the patrol every year with National.  You will also work closely with Jim Z. and Courtney M. on scheduling, training and any disciplinary matters that may arise.  You will also get to preside as moderator at our two annual meetings of the Patrol in the Fall at our pre-season refresher and in the Spring at the annual picnic. To be considered for this position you need be a member in good standing, have served at least one year as 1st or 2nd APR. You can serve up to 3 consecutive one year terms.

First and Second Assistant Patrol Representatives run for a one year terms as well and serve as an advisor to the Patrol Representative.  If for some reason the Patrol Representative cannot fulfill their elected duties this person will fill in in consecutive order to take over in the PR’s absence. To be considered for this position you need to be a member in good standing and a Senior (in the eyes of the NSP). Note: second Assistant Patrol Rep. serves as official Registrar of members, new members, doctor patrol and paid staff.

Secretary is in charge of taking accurate notes at our 5 ski season Board meetings (December-April) and our Summer meeting. To be considered for this position you have to be a member in good standing.

Treasurer is in charge of your Patrol finances.  This person needs to be a detail oriented person to keep track of Patroller registration each Fall, income earned and expenses incurred during the season.  Thanks to our previous Patrol Representatives we are a financially well-funded and managed patrol. To be considered for this position you have to be a member in good standing.

Board Members at Large (BMAL) are there to serve as advisors regarding the pulse of the Patrol.  There are 5 Members serving two year terms.  As BMAL you are expected to attend all the Board meetings and are encouraged to contribute your thoughts and opinions based on what you hear from your fellow patrollers and serve on various committees. To be considered for this position you need to be a member in good standing.

If you would like more detailed information please refer to our By-Laws under Patrol Governance.  The By-Laws are posted on the website.